What will technology have to offer us in 2050? But as we consider what will be left behind after Earth completes its solar orbit, most wonder whether the Earth’s society will still have the exact same kind of society where it exists now. Will people still have cars? Will people still have televisions? Yes, and much more.

What will technology be able to do in 50 years from today? Well, some futurists feel that humankind will have created artificially intelligent computers which will have the ability to communicate together and possibly even control . Moreover, the computer applications will be so advanced that it will have the ability to compete with individuals in games similar to chess and Go. And what about artificial intelligence supercomputers, which are similar to the machines in deep space? Theoretically, humans might have to fight off robotic civilizations that are made from supercomputers. In reality, 1 day, humanity might not need to fight off other life forms, since there may be no other life forms on Earth.

Other futurists believe that individuals will utilize soft technologies to manipulate the environment. For example, artificially intelligent robotic pests could be programmed to wash up pollens and create fertilizer for plant life. Other experts think that humans will use energy in a way not unlike E=mc2; wherever one amount of energy would equal another. In this manner, people will not be exhausted from their energy resources, thus producing a good deal less pollution and a much better environment.

But perhaps the most revolutionary idea about what technology will have the ability to achieve in the future is by way of technology that is medieval. This thought came about because of the technologies being used as the only process of societal organization. During the Neolithic era, individuals, family members, groups, and tribal societies used technology to organize themselves and their surroundings. Neolithic technology paved the way for complex technological systems such as irrigation systems, complicated trading systems, and farming tools. Now, although technology has taken over a lot of the planet, many assert the Neolithic age observed among the biggest technological leaps ahead in history when man first used his hands to make fire.

Some feel that the Neolithic Age was the pinnacle of technology, where it created man with the ability to replicate the elements around him and make something which would last for centuries. Now, technology is constantly changing, getting more complicated, but some folks feel that the concept of technology from the human kingdom is limitless. They believe that humans will use technology to fix problems in the long run, just as they have with the use of complex weapons in the past and distance flight at the 20th century.

In order for technology to continue to affect society, it must become socially acceptable. Currently, some political leaders and teams espouse the concept of a technological society, thinking that technology is part of the problem in society as opposed to the solution. Some even oppose the concept of technological objects or activities, seeing them as a threat to society. However, other classes welcome technological objects and actions, seeing them as a method for improving dwelling conditions.

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