Technology is a general term used to refer to an approach to solving specific problems. Technological change can affect almost all aspects of human activity and society. It has broad applications and includes a number of different categories, including information systems, scientific innovation, data management, computer systems, electronic data systems, information technology, etc.. The scope of technology is continually widening. In a broader sense, technology can also refer to the true understanding of processes, techniques, or so on, or else it could be embodied in machines to enable for more practical operation without detailed comprehension of their internal workings.

There are four main types of technology. These are information systems, physical systems, information technology, and data systems and physical systems. Information systems are the ones which solve specific problems and are usually stored on computers and implemented within a company. Physical processes on the other hand are not computer related but instead physical systems and processes utilized in creating and directing a computer. Information technology on the other hand would be the use of technologies in order to attain a specific end state. All four can overlap each other depending upon the interests of the different fields.

As stated before, technology in the broadest sense is anything that solves a problem. Broadly speaking this means any device or technique which can make a different machine or technique more efficient or even helpful. Among the most important areas to research in this regard would be science. Computer science is probably among the most prolific areas of study concerning employing technology. A good example of such a study would be pc applications technology.

Thus, what are the four types of technology? Wellthere are 3 chief kinds of technology which have broad applications. They’re information technology, physical technology, and information systems and physical systems. One could also include such diverse categories as futurism, energy, information technology, and applications engineering.

Within these broad categories we find many sub-categories, including a number of rather specific specialized kinds of technology. By way of example, one may study nanotechnology, bio-tech, or energy technology. In these broad types we find a much smaller set of these specific, technical types of technology. This is achieved in an attempt to decrease the amount of kinds of technology as well as to simplify the classification.

In conclusion, technology has changed tremendously through the years. Industries have been shifting from being mostly manufacturing oriented to being more information centered and service oriented. Manufacturing itself has broadened its focus from merely producing objects to generating services, data, and technology. There are still lots of conventional businesses that produce goods and services using traditional technology, but a growing number of industries are just using technology to attain their goals in various areas. Thus it is very important for companies to understand their own industry, besides knowing the technologies inside that industry.

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