Random Team Generator – Split names list into random groups

Use our Random Team Generator Web App to randomly yet equally assign the names list into the different groups or teams within no time. To do so, you just need to write down the names (one name per line) and meanwhile, selecting the number of teams you want to make.

But this random group generator would not show you result if your number of given names can’t be divided equally into your selected number of groups.

Apart from this, using our random team picker you can also name your teams as per color, planet names, number, and animal names.

Here you go,

Random Team Generator to assign names into random groups


Random Team Generato


What is a Random Team Generator?

Random team generator is the online web application that helps you to create the different groups and teams at the time of need. No matter, what sort of game you are about to play. Either it is esport (Electronic sports game) or a street football, if you are confused, who you should team up with.

Nothing to worry!

Our random team generator is always here to get the job done.

Just put the list of names in the text box area, and select the number of teams you want to make. All done!

This online team maker will randomly name and distribute them equally in the number of teams you had selected. Yes! That’s easy.

Now you can throw out your headache, and let this random match generator to make teams or groups randomly.

Random Group Generator VS Random Team Generator

Most of the users get confused that which one they should use. If you are one of those, then there is a straightforward answer to your confusion.

There is NO DIFFERENCE between both of them. They both function in the same manner and works similarly to team up the names randomly. Interestingly, there are not only these 2 names of the same tool. There are others are well.

Some users also recognize this web application as a;

  • Random team picker
  • Group Randomizer
  • random partner generator
  • Names list distributor

No matter, what you name this tool. The functions and the outcome remain the same.


  • There is a Group Randomizer algorithm working behind the screen that pairs up different names in different groups.
  • There is no limit on the number of names, you could add as much you want to.
  • It features an option, which allows you to select the number of groups. Though unlike, Number of names, you have a limit of choosing the number of teams up to 10.
  • You would have the option of selecting the name of your team based on colors, numbers, animals, and planet names.

How to use this Random Pairing Generator?

  • Enter the list of names in the very first text box area entitled “Add Names”. While entering names, make sure you are putting one name per line. If you already have a list of the names in other software such as excel, then better to copy/paste all of them to save some time.
  • After that, you have an option to select the number of teams you want to make, which ranges from 2 to 10. The entered number of names should be able to equally divide into your selected number of teams. For instance, enter at least 4 names, if you have selected 2 teams. Otherwise, the tool would not proceed further.
  • You can also name the teams based on color, number, planets, and animal names as per your personal preference. Though it’s optional, using it would be fun for you.
  • Click on the Generate Button, to let this random pairing generator automatically start generating random groups for you.
  • Now you will have the output in the form of random groups based on the team names. If you are not happy with the results, then nothing to worry. You can click on the reset button to let us generate the names again.
  • That’s all, you have learned the way to have fun with this online team picker.

Why and when you need to use this?

There is no narrowed perspective where it shows up as a helpful tool. You can utilize this online tool every time and anywhere, whenever you got stuck with the task of making teams or groups.

But it would be better to discuss some of its applications. So, let’s get started!

Sports team Randomizer

You are a friend of 10 players, have the desire to play 5v5 football games indoor. But there comes the conflict, when you start pairing up. Then, why not to use our random group generator to make up 2 different groups. Interestingly, along with making teams, it would eliminate your conflict as well because of being unbiased and fair.

Board Game Players Group maker

Even while grouping the board game players, you could let this online random team generator get the job done, without any sort of the biasness.

Random Assignment Team Picker

You are in the classroom, and being a teacher has the desire to take a quiz in the form of a quiz team. Or have the plan to assign some presentation tasks in the form of groups. Either way, Let our team generator do the honor to make groups instantly yet randomly.


How many random teams I could make?

Our random partner generator has a feature named “Number of teams”, which allows team up the names from 2 to 10 groups. You could choose any of the numbers up to 10 as per your need of the time.

How fair the results will be?

There will be no biasness in the result. And unlike, other tools we don’t even save your previous history to play with you. The tool works with Javascript Math.random(), which ensures the randomness of the result every single time.

How many names I could use at max?

Unlike the number of teams, there is no limit over the number of names. You could list as many names as you want to. Just make sure that the can be divided equally into the number of teams, you have selected. Otherwise, it would not work perfectly.

Could I name the teams?

Yes, you can give a title to different teams based on animal and planet names or color and number sequences.

Is there any option of uploading names via any file?

Sorry, you would not have a direct way to upload names file either it is in CSV or any other format. Better to do so, you can copy/paste the list of names.

Is grouping based on skill and ratings possible?

Sorry, we have not integrated this option in our random team maker for now. But would love to add it soon.

Bottom Line

We had put the serious effort in building this online team picker, so you don’t have to waste your time in putting excel formulas to get the job done. Though, still, we don’t charge you even a single penny, and still in the hustle to make it better for your better experience. If you have felt any sort of the problem with our team randomizer, we can let us know via the contact form.

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